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The Under-12 tournament organized by the Portuguese League brings together the big clubs and the draw is already known – Futebol Nacional

The Under-12 tournament organized by the Portuguese League brings together the big clubs and the draw is already known – Futebol Nacional

The event will take place at Estádio do Bessa from June 14 to 16

The Portuguese Youth League is approaching in full swing, and as time passes, more details become clear. Now, this Monday, for example, the formation of the groups for the 7-a-side football tournament for under-12s, which will take place between 14 and 16 June, at the Besa Stadium has been announced.

The draw imposed Porto, Paris Saint-Germain and Guimaraes in the first group, Benfica, Seville and Stuttgart in the second group, Braga, Barcelona and Fulham in the third group, and finally Sporting, Betis and Boavista in the fourth group.

At the end of the ceremony, Helena Pires spoke register He highlighted the importance of this event for the Portuguese League itself. He added: “This competition is important for us because we have to bring what is the basis of our football closer to the football we organize, which is the highest level of professional competition. Therefore, this tournament will be a very exciting tournament in this sense of rapprochement.” , to bring another goal to children who, as a rule, are not involved in professional football and bring them closer to a different organization, but above all, it is also important to create some fun here. Therefore, we are lucky because we are also able to bring famous international teams to us, which means Also, our national teams have this potential.”

With Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Paris Saint-Germain, Betis or Fulham on the list of participants, the first edition of the competition is another step taken by the League towards the internationalization of the brand. “We are talking about leagues, the top international leagues in terms of classification. Therefore, it is necessary to take the name of Portuguese football, Portuguese professional football, across borders. This is a very interesting project, and I am sure that this will be very complex,” he said. It will also actively encourage our competitions to go beyond boundaries.”

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Allan, representative of the Braga team in the draw, also praised the initiative. “It is a very attractive competition for our athletes. They are young athletes, but they have big dreams. They will face great teams. This is also good. It is good for Portuguese football to have these matches here in Portugal, which is great for the Portuguese.” “Their future is also a recognition of the growth of our club, and facing Barcelona and Fulham for our kids is something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.”

Written by Pedro Moraes