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HomesportThe under-15 team was accused of destroying the opposing club's changing room

The under-15 team was accused of destroying the opposing club's changing room

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The situation led to an exchange of communications between the two communities in the municipality of Payao.

The alleged acts of vandalism were committed on Sunday, at the end of the match between the two teams in the Porto Football Association's under-15 zone football championship, which ended in a 1-1 draw. “Just when everything seemed normal, something unexpected and very dangerous happened. After the opposing team abandoned our facilities, we found our locker room completely destroyed.

AD Baião's management, alerted by Ancede's counterpart, admitted that this was “an unfortunate situation that in no way reflects the moral and sporting values ​​of the Associação Desportiva de Baião”, but refuses to put young footballers “in equity”. And flogged. No, they will be responsible. Anyone who hasn't committed a crime at the age of 14/15 is certainly not going to be a great adult. “Whoever did not make a mistake at the age of 14/15 must cast the first stone,” AD Baião’s administration concludes, after “bearing full responsibility,” stressing that “the matter will not be limited to compensating for losses, holding criminal athletes and punishing them internally.”

Before AD Baião's statement, published early Wednesday afternoon, four days after the events, AD Ancede had already expressed his “bewilderment” at the rival club's silence. He added: “We expected, at the very least, a firm position rejecting such an act. Sad, but in defense of the interests of our association [Ancede]We will take the necessary measures, so that this type of behavior does not happen again,” the message from the Ancede club can be read.

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