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The United States accuses Russia of violating the Nuclear Weapons Treaty

On Tuesday, the United States accused Russia of violating the nuclear weapons agreement A new beginningincluding by preventing inspections, the American newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal.

The paper refers to a report from the US State Department that was delivered to Congress.

The new start agreement, which is a downsizing agreement, includes, among other things, that Russia and the United States can each conduct up to 18 inspections per year at each other’s bases and facilities, Store Norske Leksikon writes.

This is what the US now accuses Russia of violating, as well as refusing requests from the US to meet to discuss concerns about compliance with the agreement.

Russia: The situation does not allow this

in December Russia postponed the planned meeting With the United States in Cairo, Egypt on the disarmament agreement. According to the agreement, the two countries must meet at least twice a year to discuss compliance with the content of the agreement.

While the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that about a week ago The situation does not allow them To choose a date to meet with the United States about the agreement.

The agreement between the United States and Russia was concluded in 2010 and has been superseded START agreement And black-an agreement. It entered into force in February 2011 for a period of ten years, with the possibility of renewal for another five years, and in 2021 it was extended until February 2026.

Two types of nuclear weapons

Currently, there are nine countries in the world that have nuclear weapons in their arsenals: the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea.

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There are two main types of nuclear weapons – long-range strategic weapons with powerful warheads that can wipe out cities, and tactical nuclear weapons with shorter range and lower explosive power.

Russia and the United States are the two countries in the world with the largest number of nuclear weapons – the United States currently has 1,744 warheads ready for immediate use, Russia has 1,588, France 280 and the United Kingdom 120.