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The University of Santa Catarina launches the first course in the science of creativity in the world

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First in the world, the graduate program in Creativity Sciences is launched by UNIASSELVI. With the possibility of working in several areas, the course offers the opportunity to be a strategic professional, anticipating changes, creating innovative solutions and solving problems at various levels and domains.

Through the content of the majors, it is possible to provide creative resources for future challenges within activities involving different work. This happens because the curriculum combines theories of change, complexity, learning, originality, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Provide students with a broad and integrated view.

While learning, the graduate not only understands large-scale social transformations, but is also able to apply various theories in a positive and practical way, focusing on solving global problems.

Thuinie Daros, Academic Director of Vitru Educação – sponsor of UNIASSELVI – explains that the course offers one of the most demanded skills in the labor market and a general curriculum:

“A creative mindset is an essential skill in contemporary times, even UNESCO itself and the World Economic Forum have already highlighted it. Our students will develop a critical mindset, capable of identifying problems and creating creative solutions, generating personal, professional, educational and social value through an innovative and sustainable perspective. Therefore, being a creative scientist strengthens the imagination and broadens the capacity to adapt, reinvent oneself and emerge in an ever-evolving world.”

Professor Janis Tomlin, Vice-Chancellor of Vitru Educação – sponsor of UNIASSELVI – and Rector of UNIASSELVI, highlights the effective preparation offered by the new higher education course:

“We are already pioneers in disruptive courses and are innovating again with the new Science of Creativity course. It is prepared so that our students, future scientists in the field of creativity, can deal with challenges in the field of management, the creative industry, offer differentiated solutions, are able to anticipate trends and use multidimensional strategies that take into account social, economic, political, environmental, technological, ethical and legal implications”

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The course is technically rated and can be taken both in distance learning mode (EAD) and in person. It is available to students from all over Brazil and is expected to last a minimum of four semesters, and a maximum of six semesters.

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Creativity can manifest itself in many areas, such as art, science, business, and technology. With a graduation in Creativity Science, the professional possesses the technical knowledge to apply originality with the fundamentals that provide prominence in various sectors and social contexts.

In this way, there is a fluent relationship between those who work as creative scientists and the new and continuous needs demanded by the labor market.

With knowledge of the solution mindset, it is possible to identify simple or complex problems, and to create and implement effective and contemporary results in a wide range of professional performance.

Since the science of creativity is a field that accommodates mental and cognitive processes in generating ideas, the profession allows dealing with management challenges, using multidimensional strategies in many areas such as: economics, politics, education, communication, the environment, entrepreneurship, technology, health, culture, entertainment, and others.

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