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The update came with hidden updates for the new generation! Leaking

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PlayStation 5 today received its first major software update, which ended up bringing many of the features that gamers have requested to bring the console to a true new generation. In fact, there are many new features, as this update ended with some new features that Sony did not immediately reveal in its blog. Check out all these hidden PS5 news now.

PlayStation 5: update came with hidden updates for the new generation!

Did you discover the updates that the new generation console got in the update it received today? Sony would undoubtedly thank you for adding any of these functions.

The first hidden change is that you are now allowed to increase and decrease the volume of your friends while you are in a voice group with them. In other words, you can stop saying “Microphone is too loud!” In short, PlayStation has become “more of an intrigue.”

PS5 update

Do you hate being bothered or harassed by chat notifications? Well, it is actually possible that you will not receive notifications from these same groups when the option is disabled ‘Allow notifications“.

PS5 update

Meanwhile, Sony is still adding (finally) with this update, a direct tab to find our friends on the PlayStation 5 list! In the past we had to access GameBase first and search for the tab. So, with this update, just go to where we were before and click the R1 button to go directly to our friends.

What’s new in the PlayStation app

In addition to updating the next-generation console, Sony is adding new features to its Playstation app to improve the remote experience. Hence, the ability to save products to Wishlist has been added recently. Receive notifications when friends are online. And the ability to change the state of the Internet connection for your console.

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PS5 update

However, the news will not stop there. After all, in the coming weeks we’ll still welcome the ability to join a multiplayer session on PS5 from the app. PS5 storage management. Compare prize pools with friends and even record PlayStation Store products.

You can learn more about the update Here, on the PlayStation website!

Also, what do you think about the hidden PS5 news? So, give us your opinion in the comments below.

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