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The US is said to have carried out airstrikes against the Islamic State in Kabul - NRK Urix - Foreign Documentary News

The US is said to have carried out airstrikes against the Islamic State in Kabul – NRK Urix – Foreign Documentary News

An official in the resigned government told Agence France-Presse that initial information indicated that a missile had fallen on a house.

Two witnesses said the same thing to the British Reuters. The explosion must have come from an area on the north side of the airport. Television images show black smoke rising from the ground.

Meanwhile, two US officials told Reuters they had bombed targets in Kabul. The people associated with IS-K must be the target of the attack.

Officials stress that they rely on early information and that information can change quickly.

A Taliban spokesman told a third news agency, The Associated Press, that the US carried out an air strike on a suicide bomber in a car on its way to the airport.

Meanwhile, the Afghan police chief told the Associated Press that a child was killed when a missile landed on a building.

So far, there are no official confirmations of the incident.

Warn of a new attack

The night before Sunday in Norwegian time, the United States again warned of a new threat to the airport area in Kabul and called on all American citizens to flee.

“The specific and credible threat means that we urge all US citizens close to the airport to leave the area immediately,” the US embassy in Afghanistan said.

Follow US President Joe Biden and He said that a new terrorist attack was likely within the next 24-36 hours.

– The President said that the situation on the ground remains very dangerous, and the threat of further attacks on the airport remains high.

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The US embassy in Kabul issued a similar warning just hours ago Suicide bombers attacked the airport on Thursday afternoon. More than 200 people were killed in the attack, including 13 US soldiers and a number of Taliban soldiers.

President Biden will be present Sunday afternoon and receive the coffins of American dead at Dover Air Force Base.

The airport is located in Delaware, Biden’s home state, and is one of the airports used for such heavy homecoming celebrations.

The families of the dead will also be present. The same goes for parts of the US Defense Command.

Entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. The photo was taken on Saturday, August 28.

Photo: Wali Sabawaoon/AP

The Taliban is ready to take over the airport

There are only two days left until the deadline for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Taliban, which in recent days cooperated with the United States in evacuating Kabul, says they are ready to take control of the airport as soon as the United States is finished.

– We are waiting for the Americans to give us a signal, before we can take full control of the Kabul airport, an unnamed Taliban spokesman said, Reuters news agency wrote.

Less than 300 US citizens have left

The number of US citizens awaiting evacuation from Afghanistan is less than 300, according to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He says some Americans have announced that they want to stay in the country after August 31.

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