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The US Treasury has requested that Trump's tax returns be submitted to Congress

The US Treasury has requested that Trump’s tax returns be submitted to Congress

In recent years, Trump has fought on many fronts to be able to protect his income percentages from all government agencies. Among those requesting access was a House committee approved by the Justice Department on Friday.

When Trump was president, then-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to share the tax returns because he thought Democrats wanted to see them for partisan political reasons.

The commission sued for access to six years of tax returns and indicated it was needed in an investigation into whether Trump acted in accordance with tax law.

Trump has 72 hours on him

According to a January court ruling, Trump has 72 hours to protest the decision after the Joe Biden administration formally changed the government’s assessment of the case.

In February, New York prosecutors gained access to Trump’s tax reports following a Supreme Court ruling regarding an ongoing criminal investigation.

In this case, the documents are protected from public access. If the tax returns are delivered to a congressional committee, the content will likely be revealed.

Since Richard Nixon, all US presidents have published their tax returns.

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