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The vaccine injects confidence and joy into parents and children

The vaccine injects confidence and joy into parents and children

Baby Rafaela de Laya Avillar, who took the “very happy” ban on her mother’s lap, Mayra, reassured those who were afraid of needles: “I felt a slight tingling” (Photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

This was a special week for millions of parents of children across Brazil. They were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as childhood vaccinations against COVID-19 began. In Belo Horizonte, vaccination began a little earlier, and this past Saturday remains the 15th, and 193,000 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 11 are expected to receive the vaccine in the coming weeks. The campaign started exclusively with Pfizer’s pediatric dose and now, with CoronaVac launched by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and approved by the Ministry of Health for the age group 6-17, this immunization agent should also begin to reach the little girl’s arms. The first to be vaccinated in Bosnia and Herzegovina were children with comorbidities, permanent disabilities, indigenous or Quilombola. Data from the municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH) shows that of the 13,500 children in this group, 2,843 workers had received the immunization as of Thursday. Immunization of children of the same age group, but without comorbidities, began on Thursday.

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For twins Giuseppe and Francesco Parral, the vaccine is one step closer to seeing friends they meet online. Dr. Mother recommends: “Everyone should be vaccinated and children should be taken”

(Photo: Jair Amaral/EM/DA Press)

The needle sticks may have made some more anxious and fearful of harm, but in general, what was most seen in the publications held in schools in the capital of Minas Gerais was the affection and gratitude of the young for their ability to immunize. By themselves, they protect themselves and return to their normal lives. , go back to the classroom more calmly and see my classmates. “I was so happy, I was waiting for that vaccine to go to school and be able to see my friends, because 9-year-old Isadora de Freitas Borges celebrated so bad that there was no one to talk to and play with. J Joo Freire de Oliveira Rodrigues did not celebrate , 11, but also gave a class for those who don’t believe in immunization: “The vaccine is essential for people to protect themselves from COVID and get back to normal life more quickly,” he said. 8-year-old, who took the serum on her mother’s lap, Myra: “I was so happy to be able to get the vaccine, I just felt a little pain just a little sting.”

For twins Giuseppe Parral and Francesco Parral, 10, a lancet is a step toward fulfilling the dream of meeting friends up close. “I was very happy, because I can protect myself from COVID and go to school. I started going in person in February and I am so excited to see my friends. I don’t even know them, we became friends who play online. Let’s meet,” says Giuseppe. Brother, Francesco, is not the time to meet his mates. “I still don’t know anyone, I only remember a friend’s face, which I saw in the online class. I’m excited!” , he says. And the mother-in-law, who is a doctor, recommends: “Everyone should be vaccinated and take the children.”

Heitor de Arago Batista, 11, agrees. “I have wanted the vaccine for a long time, because it is safety for me. At home we are all pros.”


Pediatric infectious disease specialist Samia Ladira explains why it is important to vaccinate children against COVID-19. “Although we have seen that children have a lower chance of dying, we still have many children who have died from the virus during this pandemic. They are at the same risk of developing serious diseases as adults. According to the infectious disease specialist, the vaccine is very important to stop the dangerous forms of the disease.” And stop the spread of the virus, because children can also pass it on if they are infected. As for side effects, she reassures parents: “The chance of children developing body aches or fever after receiving the vaccination is less than that of adults. “What changes from one vaccine to another is the amount of dose applied,” he says. O Estado de Minas continues to vaccinate children throughout the week and provides some testimonials for children and their parents.

* Interns under Editor-in-Chief Rachel Botelho

After the needle

“I was very happy, I was waiting for this vaccine to go to school and be able to see my friends, because it was so bad that there was no one to talk to and play with”

Isadora de Freitas Borges, 9 years old

I was so glad he didn’t get hurt after the girl applied the vaccine. Now you appear calm to be able to find my friends. I’ve only spoken to them on the phone for the past few years.”

Rafael Mangualdi Pezuto Junqueira, 11 years old

“I think it’s important to get the vaccine because we’re sure we won’t get that bad if we get it, and it won’t hurt.”

Mariana Milo Fonseca Crespo, 11 years old

“People’s essential vaccine to protect themselves from COVID and get back to normal life faster”

Joo Freire De Oliveira Rodrigues, 11 years old

“Vaccine is synonymous with safety, I support it and I am happy that my daughter completed the first stage of immunization, mainly because she had diabetes, and was in an at-risk group.”

Liliana Moreira, mother of Beatrice Bellini Moreira, 9 years old

“I feel my son is much safer with the vaccine, because he has bronchitis and that becomes a bigger risk factor if he gets the virus. It is also a way to prevent contamination for him and us too”

Pedro Vieira do Nascimento, father of 11-year-old Alexandre Coelho Vieira

“It is a relief to be able to protect my son from coronavirus and send him to school again, because online teaching is very poor, and he misses the issue of learning and social interaction important for a child at this age”

Douglas Amaral Arantes, father of Vicenzo Pecurelli Amaral Arantes, 7 years old.

“I used to stay in the online class watching my friends and teachers and I would miss them! Now I will be able to meet them safely”

Nina Suragi Monteiro, 11 years old

“I have wanted to get the vaccine for a long time, because it is safety for me. We are here at home in favor of the vaccine”

Heitor de Arago Baptista, 11 years old

“I was totally expecting, this moment was a blessing. Low hope we have regarding the end of the pandemic, I am totally in favor of a vaccine.”

Alessandra Gallia Santos, 11-year-old mother of Mirella Ansaloni Santos


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