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The victory game of the poles is coming back.  Frostbunk 2 has a trailer.  Will there be international success?

The victory game of the poles is coming back. Frostbunk 2 has a trailer. Will there be international success?

Frostbunk is undoubtedly one of the best Polish games of the last decade. Released in 2018, the title of 11 Bit Studio has gained recognition from players around the world. This is evidenced not only by the excellent reviews and ratings on (84/100), but also by many industry awards.

Now we know that An apocalyptic real-time strategy that sees humanity struggling to survive during the new ice age, and it will continue. The game’s official trailer has now hit the network, which has – unfortunately – not yet revealed the exact release date.

Frostbank 2 officially. 11 bit makes another hit

As the creators themselves emphasize, the sequel takes place 30 years after the events of the first Frostbank. We will once again play the role of mayor, Whose mission is – in fact – to keep its people alive. We also have a technological revolution ahead of us. The source of energy for the survival of our community is not coal, but oil.

What players expect is a wide range of choices, the freedom to shape the community and the city in your own way and to withstand the consequences of your decisions. Frostbank 2 creates conflicts of previous installments: surviving human values, life and the Arctic iceberg. Most importantly, however, there is a new layer in many aspects of the game – be it political, social or technological advances – the conflict between humans and their nature.

– emphasizes the co-director of the game Jacob Stokalsky.

Stokalski also points out that Frostbank 2 will be a game on a much larger scale than its predecessors. “With a growing team of almost 70 people, we have more manpower to focus on all aspects of the game: size, grinding level and quality of player experience, but our main ambition is to build more than one sequel,” he explains.

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So far, Frostbank 2 has only been announced for the PC operating system. The game goes to Steam, GOG and epic stores. There is no information about the version for Xbox and PlayStation, however it will appear later.

Free weekend is coming on Frostbank Steam

During the announcement of Frostbunk 2, the developers decided to remind us of the first part of the game. Next weekend, you can play Frostbank on Steam for free. All you have to do is keep an account on the platform and install the game on your computer.