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The video is being transported over the Internet.  This is how Williams reacted to the opponent's extraordinary action

The video is being transported over the Internet. This is how Williams reacted to the opponent’s extraordinary action

Harmony Dawn will remember this year’s Wimbledon edition for a long time because her rival in the first round was the famed Serena Williams. The American praised his younger adversary’s class, and he finished an act perfectly.

Mateusz Byczkowski

Serena Williams praised her rival's game

Twitter / Serena Williams praises her rival’s game

Serena Williams is back after a gap of one year. In Eastbourne, he competed in a doubles match with Anne Jabber, but his performance was eagerly awaited by fans. It happened in the first round of the Wimbledon tournament on Tuesday.

The American faced Harmony Dane in the first game, beating the legendary tennis player early in the game. The winner of 23 Grand Slam tournaments recovered quickly.

40-15 in Harmony Dawn’s eighth game will be remembered by fans for a long time. Serena Williams was in his favor because he was close to the web. The point, however, fell victim to the French. This big setback removed all doubts.

The American praised the opponent’s class and praised him for playing. In the end, the less experienced competitor won the first set. Second, the champion responded that Dan was only allowed to win one game.

The winner of Tuesday’s match will play Sarah Sorops Tormo in the second round of Wimbledon this year. The Spanish athlete knocked down Christina McHale of the United States a few hours ago.

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