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The virus can be passed on to the parents.

aLice Alves became a mother for the first time in October last year, which means that she continues to discover every day the best way to act in the most diverse situations regarding motherhood.

However, the broadcaster made sure to share with her followers what she learned from her young daughter, Benedita.

โ€œThe worst day I had with Benedetta was when she was two months old… The two of us spent more than half an hour in the car as it was the only way to calm her down. We went to get vaccinations. She had two on each leg, the length was thinner and the needles giant.

She was already a little hungry and because of the gastroenteritis vaccine I couldn’t give her milk right away. The pain of the blisters, the hunger, plus the fact that I couldn’t comfort her with milk made her howl like never before. If I knew what I know today, I would do what I did when I was 4 months old. That was in the morning, I had the injectable vaccines and immediately relieved it with milk… Then I went back there in the afternoon, between meals and drank the gastroenteritis vaccine. I barely noticed the vaccinations. Once home, I took paracetamol so there was no chance of a fever. Everything turned out better ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this report will be useful and help reduce the discomfort of vaccinations in your children. Do this soon, go to me!

Attention parents, wash your hands thoroughly after changing diapers after the gastroenteritis vaccine. The virus can be passed on to parents through changing diapers.In the latest version, it can be read by the TVI communicator.

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