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The waiting time is over.  We’ve already been with the new Tesla Model 3

The waiting time is over. We’ve already been with the new Tesla Model 3

Tesla just introduced the new Model 3 and we went to see it live in Oslo, Norway, at an exclusive national show.

After much anticipation, Tesla finally showed off the revamp Model 3known internally heretofore as Highland Project.

Tesla Model 3 was launched in 2017 and has already sold 2 million copies worldwide. Until now best seller Europe’s brand to be Model YAnd let’s not forget that the Model 3 was the first to hit the masses.

With more and more brands entering the market, especially in Europe and China, it was imperative for the North American manufacturer to update the Model 3, which remains Tesla’s most affordable model.

© Pedro Contreras / Reason Automovil At the rear, the new light signature is even sharper.

To get to know it firsthand, we traveled to Oslo, Norway, on an exclusive national excursion for Razão Automóvel, where we were able to make our first contact with the new Model 3.

But now that we’re done with the presentations, let’s get to the most important question: What has changed? Well, as Tesla officials explained to us during the exclusive event organized in Norway, 50% of what we see in the new Model 3 is all-new. And the differences start right outside

More aerodynamic than the Tesla Model S

Up front, for example, we find an all-new, slimmer light signature, which helps give the Model 3 a more aggressive look.

Tesla Model 3
© Pedro Contreras / Reason Automovil The famous “duck face” has disappeared, giving way to a “cleaner” forehead.

If before the fog lights were mounted on the bumper, in a lower position, they now appear integrated into the main optics, helping to create a ‘cleaner’ image at the front.

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The fact that Tesla got rid of the bump at the front contributed a lot to what many have come to know as the “duck face”. We still find this element on the Model Y, for example, but on the new Model 3, there isn’t even a trace.

At the rear, in addition to the new tail lights, which also take on a more raked and expressive appearance, allowing to accentuate the sense of width of the car, the rear diffuser, which has been slightly revised, stands out.

From the side, what stands out are the new 18- and 19-inch wheels, which are more aerodynamically efficient, with gains between 5% and 8%, depending on size.

For those asking about the 20-inch wheels on Performance versions, I can tell you that at the moment, Tesla only offered this model in rear-wheel drive and long-range versions.

After all, although the modifications are less expressive than many would have expected, they are sufficient to give a new “face” to this model, in addition to having a very positive effect on the aerodynamics front.

Tesla Model 3
© Pedro Contreras / Reason Automovil With this update, Tesla has introduced two new colors for the Model 3: Ultra Red (featured image) and Stealth Gray (above image).

This is because the Model 3 now reports an aerodynamic coefficient (Cs) with a value of 0.219 only, while it was before that 0.23.

The Model S could do better, by a factor of 0.208, but because the Model 3 has a smaller front surface, it’s the Tesla Model with the least aerodynamic drag.

The interior has been well developed

For the interior, Tesla listened comment Its customers sought to solve two of their most common complaints: material quality and in-flight noise.

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internal model 3
© Reason Auto

At the time I am writing this article, I have not yet had the opportunity to drive the Model 3, so I cannot predict whether or not the changes made to improve its dynamic characteristics have yielded full results.

However, I can tell you that the glass is now all laminated, unlike before.

Tesla laminated glass
© Reason Auto The rear door windows are also tinted, as is the rear window.

As for materials and finishes, the evolution is evident. The center console features a new aluminum finish, giving it a more sophisticated look and… beloved for this model. The completely redesigned dashboard features new materials and, at first glance, appears to have a more solid assembly.

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In the new dashboard is the latest evolution of Tesla’s climate system, which now allows the driver to turn off the front passenger air vent, and vice versa. Something that has been brought up for a long time by the Tesla customer community.

Tesla aluminum center console
© Reason Auto Significant new is the aluminum finish on the center console

And since we are talking about climate control, it is important to say that the front seats of the Model 3 are not only heated, but also cooled.

Brand new steering wheel. And not just…

Another great novelty inside is the steering wheel, which has been completely redesigned and has acquired elements instantly reminiscent of the steering wheel in the Model S and Model X.

As a result, it lost the side rails, which allowed the gearbox modes to be selected (now on the center display) and the turn signals, which are now two buttons on the steering wheel.

The 15.4-inch multimedia screen is brighter, faster, and has a much smaller bezel. And there we have access to another important innovation in the Model 3’s interior: the customizable ambient lighting system that spans the entire width of the passenger compartment.

The Premium sound system is also new. Long range versions include 17 speakers, two Amplifiers And two speakers. In the rear-wheel drive versions, it has nine speakers, one Subwoofer and amplifier.

I had the chance to test the system with 17 speakers and I can tell you that I was very surprised.

In addition to the audio system, Tesla has also increased the number of microphones onboard, to improve the sound quality of phone calls.

The second screen is in the back

In the second row, the space available has not changed because the dimensions of the renewed Model 3 are the same as before. However, there’s great news for those traveling in the back: an 8-inch rear screen, similar to what we’ve already seen on the refreshed Model S and Model X.

New rear screen for Tesla Model 3
© Reason Auto At the back, the biggest feature goes to the 8-inch rear display, similar to the one on the new S and X models.

In addition, we still have two USB-C ports on the back (plus a port on the front, “hidden” in the armrest), each of which is now capable of reaching 65W of power, enough to charge two laptops.

Given connectivity and performance smart phones This action like a car key has been improved by 10 times with UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology and Wi-Fi range is now twice as long as it was before.

Batteries without news, but autonomy has grown

Contrary to what many expected, Tesla chose not to make changes to the kinematics we already knew from the Model 3. However, thanks to aerodynamic improvements, autonomy has increased in either version.

The same means that in the rear-wheel drive version, the Model 3 continues to get a 60-kWh battery pack and an electric motor that produces 208 kW (283 hp). However, the autonomous vehicle’s range has increased to 554 km on the 18-inch wheeled versions, and up to 513 km on the 19-inch wheel versions.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h remained at 6.1 seconds, but top speed dropped from 225 km/h to 201 km/h. Tesla justifies the descent by the fact that it preferred comfort while rolling.

The long-range Model 3 kept the two-motor configuration (one per axle) we were already familiar with, with 258kW (351hp) and 510Nm, and a 75kWh battery. But autonomy has also increased: up to 678 km on 18-inch wheels, up to 629 km on 19-inch wheels.

Model profile 3
© Pedro Contreras / Reason Automovil With this renovation, the Model 3’s dimensions have not changed practically, as has the weight

with regard to offersAcceleration from 0 to 100 km/h remained at 4.4 seconds, but the top speed also decreased: it went from 233 km/h to 201 km/h.

With this renewal, Tesla will no longer offer Model 3 Performance, a decision that those responsible for the brand declined to comment on whether it will be reversed in some time. But if we had to guess, we’d say that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

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And the driving impressions behind the wheel of the new Model 3 are on the way. And we can already leave a guarantee: the first video communication will soon be released on our website YouTube channel. be cerfull.

The price remains the same

Deliveries of the new Tesla Model 3 are scheduled to start at the end of next October in Europe and the Middle East. Production for our market will continue to be ensured by the Tesla factory in Shanghai, China.

Those who pre-ordered the Model 3 in recent weeks and still do not have a designated vehicle or a scheduled delivery date will be invited to collect the new Model, which customers can accept or not accept.

As for prices, they will not change in our country, so the Tesla Model 3 will continue to be available at a starting price of 39,990 euros for the rear-wheel drive version and from 48,990 euros for the long-term version.