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Empregada de mesa recebe gorjeta de 3,5 mil euros em nome de Jesus

The waitress receives a tip of 3,500 Euros in Jesus name

Fortune strikes when we least expect it, especially when the “messenger” is Jesus. This month, a waitress received a tip of about 3,500 euros from a customer in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA.

Lucky employee Mariana Lambert is shocked to realize that the tip she received was not a mistake and that it made it to the lockers of Alfredo’s pizzeria.

“We passed the card and it worked,” Mariana Lambert told local TV station WNEP. “We also got a copy of their ID. Customers waited to see if everything was OK and left. It was real.”

The tip was given in connection with a bill of about 15 euros, so the reward received for the service was about 231 times higher than the final price of the bill.

The store manager also said he called the customer to make sure he was aware of his huge tip. The generous customer explained that this procedure is part of A movement called “Tips for Jesus”who wrote his statement on the receipt he received from the pizzeria.

For Mariana Lambert, the customer’s gesture meant a lot, which made her more comfortable financially, with the ability to pay bills and even go on vacation with her family.