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The war between Hamas and Israel – the death of parents:

The war between Hamas and Israel – the death of parents:

– I think the most important thing is to tell them that their parents were heroes, says Dvir Rosenfeld CBS News.

Rosenfeld’s sister and brother-in-law, Hadar and Itai Berdichevsky, both 30, were found murdered in their home on Kibbutz Kfar Azza, which was badly damaged by Hamas attacks on Israel last weekend.

Found with bottles

Hadar’s brother, Rosenfeld, said that Israeli army personnel found Itai lying on the floor between the beds of the ten-month-old twins.

Massacre: 53 people were confirmed killed in Kafr Azza. Here from Tuesday, when the press was allowed into the kibbutz, which is located near the border with the Gaza Strip. Photography: Jacques Guez/AFP/NTP
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Ten-month-old twins, Roy and Jay, were found alive after being left alone for 14 hours.

-I know Itai died trying to protect them. I can’t imagine what he went through when he found out his wife had just been murdered. He has his son by his side and is the only thing between the terrorists and the children.

Hadar’s body was found in the kitchen. There were feeding bottles on the floor and the brother believes she came out of the panic room to try to feed her babies.

- He was brutally killed

– He was brutally killed

– I went out to give them a bottle. As she did, they entered the apartment, Rosenfeld says, referring to Hamas fighters.

According to the official numbers published ynetnews53 people were killed during the attack on Kfar Azza, while more than 20 people are missing or have been confirmed kidnapped.

-Everyone has a panic room

Sophie, 39, from neighboring Kibbutz Be’eri, spoke to Dagbladet while hiding in a panic room with her family last Saturday.

Everyone here has a panic room, she said, and described how the attackers likely tried to get into her and her family by shooting at the window of the room.

Fortunately, they didn’t succeed, she said.

A panic or security room has thick concrete walls and is very difficult to break into at first, but that is definitely not the case.

– Shooting at us: Mother of three Sophie, 39, and her family take shelter in a panic room in Israel. Program Leader: Ralph Lofstad
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Sophie, her partner and her children were able to do so, unlike her friend Tamar Kedem Siman, her husband and three children. The family was in a panic room at Kibbutz Nir Oz, but they were all found dead after Hamas fighters apparently gained entry.

Mother Korngold told the Dagbladet newspaper how six of his relatives may have been taken hostage in Be’eri and taken to Gaza after Hamas set fire to the house they were in, until they had to emerge from the panic room.

I heard children crying

During the attack, residents updated each other via messages. Dvir Rosenfeld – who himself sat in the panic room with his son – says he received a message that neighbors of his sister’s family heard children crying from the house.

– They cried for 14 hours, because they were alone. He says: No food, no water, nothing.

In practice, it was impossible to rescue the twins, as Hamas fighters were waiting in the streets.

The neighbor tried several times, but each time the terrorists entered his house and tried to kill him as well. “I met him outside, and he cried and asked for forgiveness because he couldn’t help,” Rosenfeld says.

I stopped by his wife

He wanted to try to help his nephews himself, but his wife stopped him.

Children, parents and grandparents were missing

Children, parents and grandparents were missing

“With all due respect,” she said, “I understand it hurts. But if you do this, they will grow up without an uncle, and he.” [Rosenfelds sønn] “He will grow up without a father.”

Rosenfeld thinks the twins will do well. Much of the children’s equipment and toys are donated and they are surrounded by a large caring family.

He says: – They will be raised with a lot of love, and a lot of stories about their parents.

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