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The war in Ukraine: – Marseille or Paris?

The war in Ukraine: – Marseille or Paris?

Vladimir Solovyov is a familiar face to Russian television viewers. For more than ten years, he has been the host of his own evening program on the Russian state television channel Rossija-1.

According to Russian professor Atle Gröne, the TV show has the same prestige in Russia as “The Debate” broadcast by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has in Norway – without comparison otherwise.

Shocking claim about 'Putin's favourite'

Potential “targets”.

One of those who follows Solovyov closely is the distinguished Russian expert Julia Davis, who specializes in the science of captivity The daily monster And the initiator behind Russian media observer.

On Friday, it posted a clip from Solovgov's TV show on Channel X (formerly Twitter, journ.anm.), in which the presenter and guests discuss nuclear attacks on Western targets.

– I can't decide

– France, Great Britain, Poland and Germany, Solovyov advances.

– I can't decide in France: Marseille or Paris? Maybe we should take a vote: who should we let, wonder the most.

Among the guests was Russian academic Andrei Sidorov.

– The question is not whether we will use nuclear weapons, but against whom, he says in the TV program.

Presenter: - At war against NATO

Presenter: – At war against NATO

– Ignorant behavior

This is not the first time that Solovyov's speech on nuclear weapons has caused a sensation. Dagbladet has previously reported similar appearances on his TV show.

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Shortly after Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, he stated that Russia was not only at war with Ukraine, but with the entire NATO alliance.

– said retired General Barry R. McCaffrey, who worked during the war as an expert for the American television channels NBC News and MSNBC – this is astonishing and ignorant behavior by the Russian media, and it is incredibly dangerous.