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The war in Ukraine – Russian TV:

The war in Ukraine – Russian TV:

Russian TV personality Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts a popular evening show on Russia's state-run Russia-1 TV channel, does not deny this.

The broadcaster and his guests discussed nuclear attacks against Western targets in prime time, newspaper Dagbladet wrote on Friday.

But this is not enough.

Solotov also provides his viewers with unparalleled weather forecasts.

– You'll never see a weather report like this anywhere else in the world, says distinguished Russia expert Julia Davis on X.

Vladimir Solovyov, one of Russia's most famous preachers, is impersonating Adolf Hitler on Russia's largest television channel, an expert said. Video: X/@Gerashschenko_en
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– excellent

Davis is a columnist for The daily monster And the initiator behind Russian media observer.

She follows Solovyov and his TV show closely, and has now posted a clip on X showing what it was like when the show recently announced the weather to a Russian TV audience.

– weather forecast Yevgeny Tishkovets He told Vladimir Solovyov that the weather was ideal for carrying out nuclear attacks on NATO countries, Davis wrote.

Vladimir Solovgov has been the host of his own evening program on Russian state television for more than ten years.

According to Russian professor Atle Gröne, the TV show has the same prestige in Russia as “The Debate” broadcast by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has in Norway – without comparison otherwise.

Devil worshippers: Russian preacher Vladimir Solovyov calls Western Satanists. Video: Vegard Krüger, Dagbladet TV/Russega 1/Russian Media Monitor
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On Friday, Davis posted another dramatic clip from the TV show, in which the host and guests discussed nuclear attacks on Western targets.

– France, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, Solovyov continued to wander.

– I can't decide in France: Marseille or Paris? Maybe we should take a vote: who should we let, wonder the most.

Threats against Western powers and NATO countries were a constantly recurring theme in Solovyov's programmes.

Shortly after Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, he stated that the country was not only at war with Ukraine, but with the entire NATO alliance.

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