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The week begins with another hike in fuel prices. Find out how much you will have to pay to fill the deposit

The trend for 2023 in terms of fuel has been upward, whether in 95 petrol or diesel. And this Monday will be no different, as fuel prices will rise: “The evolution of quotations in euros indicates a price increase of 4 cents per liter for 95-octane gasoline, while a liter of diesel should increase by 2 cents,” according to a source. From one of the major national oil companies to “Multinews”.

Prices for service stations adjacent to the hypermarket will follow the market trend, with “a sharp rise of €0.0343 in petrol 95. Diesel will register a sharp rise of €0.0192,” another source said.

This will be the third week in a row to increase fuel. So, starting today, filling a tank with 60 liters of petrol will cost an extra 2.4 euros. The bill for filling a diesel tank is about 1.2 euros more expensive.

The last weeks of 2022 were marked by falling fuel prices, as gasoline and diesel were already being sold at pre-war prices in Ukraine, a trend that 2023 was in contrast to. Remember that last January 1, the price of a liter of petrol was 1.607 euros per liter and, as of Monday, it should reach 1.701 euros. The price of a liter of diesel rose in the same period from 1,602 to 1,652 euros.

Data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) shows that currently the average price of simple diesel in Portugal costs €1,612 per liter, while the price of simple 95 petrol is €1,671. The latest fuel bulletin from the European Commission indicates that Portugal has the 10 most expensive petrol 95 out of 27 countries in the European Union. Diesel is in 20th place in the European ranking.

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According to European data, the prices of diesel and 95-octane petrol in Portugal are below the European average, set at 1.771 and 1.697 euros, respectively.