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The week starts with good news.  Find out how much you will pay to fill the deposit

The week starts with good news. Find out how much you will pay to fill the deposit

There is good news for Portuguese drivers: fuel prices will fall this week, albeit slightly: “The evolution of prices in euros indicates a decrease in the price of one cent per liter for both gasoline and diesel,” a source from one of the main NOCs told Multinews.

Another source said the trend is also being replicated at privately-branded service stations – which usually operate next to supermarkets – reporting “an increase of €0.0077 in petrol and a ‘sharp’ drop of €0.0156 in diesel”.

Thus, since the beginning of the year, 12 weeks of decline have already been recorded for gasoline 95, which contrasts with 20 weeks of increase. For diesel, this was the 14th decline since January, although we have to take into account the 17 highs already recorded in 2022.

Regarding gasoline, it will be 95 weeks 10 in a row in which it declines, according to the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG). In the case of diesel it will be eighth. Gasoline was already at pre-war levels in Ukraine, although diesel has not yet reached this level.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of diesel has increased by 18 cents a liter, while the price of gasoline has increased by 21 cents. This means that filling a 60-liter tank with diesel next week will cost €10.8 more than it did in January. To fill a tank of 95 petrol, it takes 12.6 euros more than the first week of the year.

The latest fuel bulletin issued by the European Commission indicates that Portugal ranks 13th in the list of the most expensive gasoline 95 out of 27 countries in the European Union. Diesel occupies 21st place in the European ranking. According to official data from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG)On their page, the average price of Simple Petrol 95 is currently 1794 euros per liter. The price of a liter of diesel is 1,735 euros.

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