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The weight of taxes on gasoline and diesel prices has been declining since January

The weight of taxes on gasoline and diesel prices has been declining since January

The data was presented today by tax expert Afonso Arnaldo, of Deloitte, at a meeting with journalists on the state budget for 2022 (OE2022), whose proposal the government hopes will soon be approved in the Cabinet.

According to the calculations provided, on January 1 of this year, the pre-tax public selling price (PVP) of a liter of regular gasoline was €0.749, €0.648 was added via ISP and €0.321 from VAT, so that the weight of taxes was on the average The price of a liter of this fuel was then 56%.

At the beginning of this month, the weight of taxes in the average price of gasoline has decreased to 49%, taking into account €1.042 of pre-tax PVP, €0.631 of ISP and €0.385 of VAT.

In the case of a simple diesel, at the beginning of the current year, the average tax weight was 51%, taking into account that the selling price to the public before taxes was, at that time, 0.776 euros, while the ISP and VAT. They amounted to 0.503 euros and 0.294 euros, respectively.

On April 1, taking into account the pre-tax PVP rate per liter of diesel of €1.211, the ISP of €0.466 and VAT of €0.386, the tax weight was 41%.

This decrease reflects some of the measures that have been taken, namely the compensation mechanism established by the government through which the value of the Internet service provider is reduced by the value of the additional value-added tax revenue generated by the increase in fuel prices.

According to Afonso Arnaldo’s calculations, taking into account the current ISP rate, the government still has room to reduce this tax by 136 cents on a liter of diesel and 272 cents on a liter of gasoline, taking into account the expected minimum ISP rate. in the European directive.

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It should be noted that it was based on the minimum rates established by this directive as the minimum and maximum value of the ISP rates for diesel and gasoline have been established in national legislation. The value in force at any time is determined by decree within the scope established by law.