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Tony Blair, fotografert under en konferanse i 2019

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“The surrender of Afghanistan and the people there is tragic, dangerous and unnecessary, and it is not in their interest or ours,” Blair wrote. Institution’s website C Lordage.

After the decision to let Afghanistan fall again into the hands of the group that caused the 9/11 massacre – and in a way that seems almost written to show our humiliation – the question from allies and enemies will be whether the West has lost it as he writes of its strategic will.

You will respond to the West

The former British prime minister is controversial for being a staunch supporter of the US-led military intervention in Afghanistan and later in Iraq.

Blair argues that the modern strategy of the Western allies will backfire on them.

The world is now unsure where the West stands. Blair wrote that it was clear that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan in this way was not driven by strategy, but rather by politics.

– We did this while all the jihadist groups in the world stood and applauded, he continues.

Moreover, Blair believes that Russia, China and Iran will take advantage of the situation.

Whoever receives promises from Western tenants will view them as uncertain currency.

Tony Blair and George Bush congratulate each other at the NATO summit in Istanbul in 2004 after the alliance expanded its involvement in Afghanistan.

Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters

Support is expensive

And Blair, who served from 1997 to 2007, is one of Britain’s longest-serving prime ministers. He formed a close alliance with then US President George W. Bush in the so-called war on terror.

Mr. Blair’s strong support for unpopular military interventions in the Middle East has cost him dearly, and he was seen as crucial to his resignation in 2007.

Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister today, has also been criticized for his handling of the crisis. Among other things, the wart claimed Britain seemed too weak to make any difference.

Women and children waiting to be transferred to Kabul airport in Afghanistan

Women and children wait to be evacuated from Kabul airport, Afghanistan, as US soldiers perform their duty.

Photo: Marc Andres/AFP/NTB

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