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The White House: - A warning to a "mysterious health problem"

The White House: – A warning to a “mysterious health problem”

The White House confirms that they are investigating “unexplained health accidents” after a report that two officials in the Washington, DC area had suffered from something similar to the so-called Havana syndrome.

They are reports Watchman.

The newspaper said the symptoms were similar to those that affected American diplomats and spies abroad.

The alleged Havana syndrome began in Cuba in 2016, and according to the National Academy of Scientists, it is likely brain damage that occurs as a result of an energy body.


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The CIA, the US State Department, and the Pentagon have all initiated investigations.

CNN first reported about the two possible crashes on US soil, which are part of the investigation. One case occurred in November last year in a huge park south of the White House. It is reported that a member of the National Security Council fell ill suddenly.

The second case occurred in 2019. A White House employee fell ill while walking her dog in a suburb of Virginia.

More symptoms

Symptoms of Havana syndrome include that sufferers hear strange noises. Then they experience dizziness, nausea, severe headache, and memory loss. For some, symptoms persist for several years.

The newspaper said that dozens of American diplomats and spies were injured.

Most of them have been concentrated in Cuba and China, but cases have also been reported elsewhere.

Unexplained health events

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Many of those affected have been attacked by a foreign power in some form of microwave emitting matter.

The White House works closely with ministries and agencies to look into unexplained health incidents, and pay attention to the safety and security of Americans serving around the world. The White House said in a statement that while we continue to assess the reported incidents, and must protect the privacy of individuals, we are unable to provide or confirm specific details at this time.

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