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The White House sounds the alarm: The next few months will be crucial for Ukraine

The White House sounds the alarm: The next few months will be crucial for Ukraine

It is this forgetfulness that has been a political nightmare for the Biden administration in recent months.

While Republicans are pushing to force Biden to close the border in the south, Democrats are begging for new arms shipments to Ukraine.

At the same time, the US economy and US military capacity are under pressure from many parallel conflicts, not least the risk of escalation and possible war between China and Taiwan.

Congress must make a quick decision

Many military experts, European heads of state, and the Ukrainian Defense Command have warned for some time that Ukraine risks losing the war if the United States continues to hesitate. If this happens, the security situation in Europe will deteriorate significantly.

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Now, John Kirby, coordinator of strategic communications at the US National Security Council in the White House, is sounding the alarm about the situation in war-torn Ukraine.

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– The next few months will be crucial for Ukraine. Therefore, Congress must decide whether to support Ukraine quickly, Kirby says Ukrainian Pravda.

China fuels Putin's war machine

While Ukraine relies on arms and ammunition shipments from its supporters primarily in Europe, including Norway, Putin's regime is constantly receiving new shipments of, among other things, drones and missiles from Iran and North Korea – two regimes considered among the The most comprehensive systems. Countries of the world .

In addition, China imports Russian oil on a large scale and at a low price, thus fueling Putin's war machine. Trade between the two countries escalated sharply during the nearly two-year war in Ukraine, providing Russia with welcome income.

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Sharp fronts in Congress

Kirby warned that Russian attacks would continue unabated, and that Ukrainian forces would be forced to make difficult decisions due to lack of ammunition and air defenses.

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There must be movement in the so-far faltering dialogue between Republicans and Democrats in Congress, but it has now been about four months since the United States sent Ukraine much-needed supplies. It is important for Ukraine that the United States assume a leadership role.

600 billion

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell indicated that the Senate will consider agreeing on a new support package for Ukraine in addition to increasing border control in the southern United States.

If Biden's proposal is adopted, Ukraine will receive approximately NOK 600 billion in a new, comprehensive support package. This matter is now being discussed in parallel with support for Israel and strengthening border control in the United States.