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“The white man is on the verge of extinction in science,” the FCT researcher wrote on International Women’s Day.  Nova takes the case

“The white man is on the verge of extinction in science,” the FCT researcher wrote on International Women’s Day. Nova takes the case

The Nova College of Medicine created an evaluation committee to analyze the case of Professor Miguel Cipra who, on the back of one poster, wrote, “The white man is on the brink of extinction in science.”

The controversy started on social networking site Twitter, where a picture of a handwritten statement attributed to the former head of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) was posted last week.

“The white man is on the verge of extinction in science! Miguel Cebra. Let’s celebrate the day of the survivors” is the text written on the back of a poster about a symposium in the framework of International Women’s Day, which will be posted in the premises of the Center for Studies of Chronic Diseases (CEDOC), Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Lisbon new.

The Lusa Agency has tried to contact the teacher but has not yet received a response, however, in statements to the Polígrafo programme, from the SIC, Miguel Sibera took responsibility for composing the phrases, explaining that they were “only and only as a joke for local consumption”.

Llosa asked about the Nova Medical School (NMS) who stated that “In light of the episode starring Professor Miguel Cepra, who has already made a formal apology to the entire NMS community, the Nova Medical School has, as is good practice, created an Evaluation Committee, which will deal with the operation With complete transparency and impartiality, the NMS Board of Directors will adopt the appropriate procedures according to the opinion of this committee.”

The media office added, “The Nova College of Medicine regrets and condemns any behavior that violates the values ​​of equality, fairness, tolerance and respect that govern the college.”

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The former head of the FCT confirmed that he was joking and the statement did not represent his thoughts. “Anyone who knows me as a colleague and friend knows that I am only joking,” he said.

“It is important to clarify that the words I have written do not in any way represent my thoughts, values, or actions over the course of more than 30 years as a researcher and the ideals that I stand for for the Nova Medical School nor for the excellent professionals who work there and who have contributed to the excellence of the institution. I have not I plan at any time to involve the Nova Medical College in this case, for which I publicly apologize to the faculty in the person of Professor Helena Cannon, with regret, in advance, for any inconvenience caused, he said in response to the polygraph.

In addition to being a Principal Investigator at CEDOC, Miguel Cipra was the coordinator of doctoral programs at the Champalimaud Foundation but, according to Polygraph, has resigned from those jobs.

Lusa contacted the Champalimaud Foundation’s press office to confirm this fact and to find out if the resignation request was accepted, but has not yet received a response.