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The “wild” sex party organized by an English player: “They took the girls in the elevators one by one” – England

The “wild” sex party organized by an English player: “They took the girls in the elevators one by one” – England

The models signed confidentiality agreements and had to hand over their cell phones before getting into the rooms

• Photo: Reuters

Today, Monday, the English newspaper “The Sun” revealed the features of a “sex party” organized by an English Premier League player and attended by several “models,” in which participants had to hand over their mobile phones and even sign confidentiality agreements.

It all happened in May of this year, at a five-star hotel in London. In a video clip published by the newspaper, which it had previously sent to guests, an employee hired by the player – who has been there for years – explains in a warehouse at the back of the hotel how guests should deal with security procedures. “Guys, it’s very simple. We’re at the back. We arrive and the driver drops us off here. There will be security. This is the entrance for the girls and everyone else. There will be confidentiality agreements and cell phones. From here they go to the party and to their rooms,” he explains. While images of boxes of stacked alcohol bottles appear, before approaching the elevator.

Guests were challenged to attend if they were willing to participate in a “wild party.” They will be transported by private drivers, with entertainment including unlimited food and drinks and overnight accommodation.

It appears that many guests accepted the invitation and The Sun spoke to a woman who was present at the event. “There were so many girls coming and going that we had to wait in the garage for the others to leave their rooms. It was wild. They booked several rooms, and the organizers took the girls into the elevators, one by one.”

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He continued in the report: “There were several Premier League players in the rooms with the girls, some of them were even in the same bed. It was an open bar and they were all clearly drunk. We had to sign confidentiality agreements and hand them over.” “Our cell phones when we arrive. Only players can keep phones. I heard that a young woman working at the hotel got caught with a gambler and got into trouble with her bosses…”

No one wanted to publish the details of the party. “The players invited a group of girls. None of us knew the location until we received a video that day. We were sworn to secrecy. When we arrived at the hotel, there were searches, it was like we were going through airport security…”

Written by Isabelle Dantas