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The winter investment may be the largest of all

The winter investment may be the largest of all

The January market could be the most expensive ever for Luz, this season, SAD da Luz have already spent €87 million to strengthen the squad.

Portuguese club Benfica may be close to breaking the investment record in the winter market with a potential spending of 42.5 million euros, according to calculations presented by the Record newspaper on Monday.

In January alone, Benfica signed four players, and the biggest investment to date will be that of Marcos Leonardo, as the Brazilian striker left Santos and signed for Club da Luz for €18 million, one of the biggest investments in the in the market window. This is amazing.

The other three footballers – Argentines Rolheiser and Pristiani and Spaniard Alvaro Carreras – will incur additional expenses that will make January 2024 part of SAD history incarnate.

Argentine winger Benjamin Rolheiser comes on loan with a mandatory buy-out clause of €9.5m for 90% of the value of the pass; Spanish left-back, Alvaro Carreras, comes with a buyout option worth six million euros, and finally, Gianluca Pristiani will cost SAD's coffers around nine million euros when he turns 18.

In total, Benfica have already spent €87m on signings this season, with Marcos Leonardo being the third highest-value signing, overtaken by Arthur Cabral (€20m) and Orkun Cocu (€25m). Anatoly Trubin (10 million) and David Jurassic (14 million – already on loan to German club Hoffenhain) are the other big signings for Luz this season.