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The woman froze to death

The woman froze to death

In December 2022, a woman in her 40s died when she was thrown out into the cold at night in Njorunda, Sweden, according to Swedish reports. Express.

Five people gathered in an apartment in a residential area that evening. Three men and two women.

Disturbing report: – System failure

They drank alcohol and had a good time, but after a while many of them became “very drunk.” The apartment owner, a woman in her fifties, thought it was too loud, so she kicked the guests out.

I took the mobile phone and card

The three men are said to have gone to a nearby house while the woman remained outside the house from which she was evicted.

During the night, the temperature was about 20 degrees Celsius, and the next day the woman was found dead. I froze to death.

He calls names after the triple murder

He calls names after the triple murder

The public prosecutor in this case believed that the apartment owner was negligent, and accused her of causing the death of another person due to the eviction and of closing the door on her. This was despite the friend being “severely influenced by alcohol and drugs,” the Swedish newspaper wrote.

The woman, in her 40s, was also unable to call or pay for the flight, as one of the men took the woman's mobile phone and credit card.

Now, nearly a year and a half later, that woman has been exonerated.

“The right to expel guests”

The Sundsvall District Court ruled that the older woman's “actions” contributed to the younger woman's death, but that a person “generally” has the right to evict their guests and that there is no law to help those in need.

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The court also did not consider that the woman was negligent.

killing: Police went to an apartment in Grünerløkka on Monday night after reports of a serious violent incident, and found a dead person. Video: NTB
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The ruling said it was not proven that she was aware that the younger woman was missing her mobile phone and payment card, or understood how cold it was until later in the night.

However, the woman was sentenced to two years in prison for committing serious acts of violence in February two years ago, when she stabbed her boyfriend in the shoulder with a knife during an argument.