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The Women’s Council is reduced to seven men and one woman

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Vladimir Putin’s husband in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, believes it is time to consider women’s rights in his republic. This is why he created a women’s council that includes seven men and one woman.


The only woman is his daughter, Ajsjat Kadyrova (24), who was also appointed deputy prime minister.

It is the controversial leader of Chechnya who himself announces the new Women’s Council cable. It was also mentioned in Grozny media.

Russia expert Inna Sangadzhieva tells VG that neither Kadyrov nor Putin respects women.

Ramzan Kadyrov previously stated that women “should know their place.” Now he has formed an official council to defend women’s rights.

Chechen human rights activists believe this would not be a step in the right direction for achieving equality in the North Caucasus, he writes Radio Free Europe.

They claim that the situation of women has deteriorated in Chechnya since Vladimir Putin chose Kadyrov as leader of Chechnya in 2007 – who has remained in power ever since.

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Even Inna Sangadjieva of the Helsinki Committee was unimpressed with Kadyrov’s new Women’s Council:

She believes that this “council” is a form of “institutional control over women.”

– My impression is that if this “council” should formally agree to more control over women, there will be greater emphasis on interpreting laws. Islamic LawIslamic LawSharia is a term used to refer to the religious customs and rules of Islam ( And tooltoolLocal Islam in Chechnya was characterized by a strong element of adat – adat.Referring to the so-called conservative “local traditions”.

Daughter: Aisgat Kadyrova is the only woman in

Sangadzeva continues:

But control over women and violence against them has nothing to do with local Chechen traditions. Ramzan Kadyrov, like Vladimir Putin, wants to control all spheres of life, eliminating any hint of possible disobedience. None of them respect women and want to “use” them for their own purposes, recruiting them as soldiers, loyal mothers, and mute supporters of their military goals.

Russia expert at the Helsinki Committee says things have gotten worse since full-scale war broke out on February 24, 2022:

– If Sharia and customs were interpreted too conservatively and even violated women’s rights, few women could resort to the courts at that time. But after the war began, the Russian authorities abandoned following their own laws.

Inna Sanjadzhieva is Senior Advisor at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

It also indicates that many Chechens were killed in the Ukraine war. Mothers, sisters and daughters cry for their loved ones.

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War is unpopular in a society where much of the private economy depends on men. Dozens of women tried to protest in neighboring Dagestan and even in Chechnya. These protests were harshly stopped.

The Muslim-majority North Caucasus region – along with several republics that are part of Russia – has long been accused of undermining the rights of women and LGBT people.

According to Groznyj Inform, the new council will look at women’s rights and increasing their role in society.


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