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The women's national team loses to Brazil in a special match with an emotional ending – futsal

The women's national team loses to Brazil in a special match with an emotional ending – futsal

Canarina scored in the last minute

The Portuguese women's futsal team lost, on Tuesday, to Brazil, 3-2, in a friendly match in which they overturned a two-goal deficit and conceded a third goal in the last three minutes, thus ending the quadrennial tournament in Favi.

After the first half ended 2-0 for Canarinhas thanks to goals from Amandinha in the fourth minute and Lucilia in the 18th minute, Quinas equalized in the 38th minute, with 46 seconds between the goals. Carolina Pedrera and Lidia Moreira, before the Brazilians sealed the victory with a heel touch from Ana Luisa, 45 seconds before the end.

Thus, Brazil became the winner of the tournament, which was held at the multi-purpose pavilion in Minho City, with nine points, after defeating Spain 3-2 and Japan 5-1. Portugal ranked second with six points, while the Japanese ranked third. By defeating the fourth and final Spanish team with a score of 2-0.

With Maria Odete Rocha in goal, Ines Matos, Vivo, Carolina Pedrera and Giannis Silva among the regulars, the Portuguese team rarely found the opposition's goal in the first half and saw Brazil's superiority demonstrated by goals from Amandinha, on the rebound from a shot from Lucilia, the player who would extend Going forward from close range, sent in by the scorer of the first goal.

The team, led by Wilson Saboya, threatened with more goals in the first half, with Ana Luisa's shots, one of which hit the post, and Tati DiBiase and Emily, who kept Portugal close to its area at the beginning of the second half, with the other. Portuguese goalkeeper Ana Catarina Pereira prevents Emilie and Amandinha from scoring the goal.

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The team, under the orders of coach Luis Conceicao, gradually freed itself from the pressure of the “canarinha”, but was forced to resort to the figure of the advancing goalkeeper to reignite the debate, by reducing it through Carolina Pedrera, at the end of a group training. She played with the first touch, before equalizing through Lydia Pereira, who took advantage of Bianca Moraes' advance to score from her midfield.

Brazil responded in kind in the final two minutes and capitalized on the use of an advanced goalkeeper in the final minute, as Ana Luisa completed a hat-trick from close range.

By Lusa