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The working groups discuss innovation, science and technology measures to rebuild Republika Srpska

The working groups discuss innovation, science and technology measures to rebuild Republika Srpska

Working groups (GTs) appointed by the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology (Sict) and the State Council for Innovation, Science and Technology began discussions on mitigation, resilience and reconstruction measures in Rio Grande do Sul this Tuesday (28/5). The goal of the meetings is to idealize and propose projects aligned with the four themes of the Rio Grande Plan – Emergency, Reconstruction, Rio Grande do Sul do Sul, and Resource Opportunity Mapping.

The major technical teams are composed of different actors from the Gaucho STI ecosystem, linked to universities, innovation ecosystems, start-ups and other institutions. Sict organizes the workflow, the State Council will collect the proposals generated in the GTs and will communicate with the Rio Grande Plan managers.

“We are living in a very difficult time. Within the scope of Sict, and in line with whole-of-government discussions, we thought about how we can contribute by clarifying the Gaucho STI system. “Now, in the working groups, we want to build together proposals for actions and projects within the logic of each axis,” he said. explained Sict's president, Simon Stolp.

The Minister stressed that the field of innovation, science and technology has a lot to contribute in this time of climate emergency. “We have a very strong academy in different regions of the country, as well as a strong set of innovation environments. With the participation of representatives from these different sectors, we will be able to think about the future of Rio Grande do Sul on the basis of this new reality,” Simone said.

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GTs Mapping Resource Opportunities, which focused on fundraising actions, and Rio Grande do Sul do Futuro, which focused on long-term initiatives, held their first meetings on Tuesday (5/28). The Emergency Group, for short-term actions, and the Reconstruction Group, for medium-term actions, will meet for the first time on Wednesday (29/5). The dynamics of this initial moment include the introduction of topics and the presentation of participants.

Over the next few weeks, the groups will devote themselves to the collaborative construction of interdisciplinary project proposals. These proposals will then be submitted, through the State Council for Innovation, Science and Technology, as support for the Rio Grande Plan and other agencies working on the reconstruction of the state.

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