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The world’s largest battery producer introduces a revolutionary battery

The world’s largest battery producer introduces a revolutionary battery

Chinese giant CATL unveiled its “capacitor” battery at Auto Shanghai, which is excellent news for electric vehicle manufacturers. The battery has a new cell type with an energy density of 500 W/kg. To give you an idea, this new battery will have twice the density of the batteries used in Tesla, which is around 272-296 W/kg and is considered the best by current standards. The higher the energy density of the battery, the less energy is needed to give the user more autonomy, and if we need fewer batteries, the vehicle becomes lighter. According to some data, with this new technology now introduced, a set of 100 kWh batteries can only weigh 200 kg.
Currently, CATL says it is collaborating with partners in the development of electric passenger aircraft and in the exercise of aviation-level standards and tests in accordance with aviation safety and quality requirements, but confirms that the capacitor battery version of the cars is expected to go into production later this year.
“Meeting customer requirements is the driving force behind CATL’s technological innovation,” said Wu Kai, chief scientist of CATL. In 2022, CATL has already unveiled the world’s highest integration efficiency Qilin battery and started mass production in March this year. have been used in multiple BEV’s beloved From brands such as ZEEKR, AITO and Li Auto.

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