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“The worst decision I ever made!”  ::

“The worst decision I ever made!” ::

Micah Richards, considered for nearly a decade as one of the greatest talents to emerge at right-back, has revealed in conversation with Alan Shearer and Gary Lineker, BBC Sport, having rejected an offer of £100,000-a-week from Manchester City. At that time, at the end of the decade [2014/15]the player decided to go to Aston Villa, because “it’s not about the money.”

At the time, the former England international was the second choice, behind Pablo Zabaleta, he wanted to play regularly and not even the exorbitant amounts suggested by the player. Citizens Make him change his mind. However, it all started with modest sums, at the embryonic stage of his career.

“Stuart Pearce was the manager at the time. I paid five thousand a week, and he tried to make me an offer at those times. It was worth it, he offered me twice as much, ten thousand a week, but as I got into the England team, I ended up earning 50,000 a week, and try to take 40,000 from me,” he offered, referring to the role of your old coach.

The story continues. You should have had a lot of English players [atingir] Period. So Manchester City offered me 100,000 a week on a five-and-a-half year contract. I said no, because I was number two behind Pablo Zabaleta. Richards admitted, I’m not just talking about money.

However, the former side of the sky He ended up admitting remorse, given the decision made: «Why do you think I work for all seasons? [televisivas]? It’s the worst decision I’ve ever made! “

«I went to Aston Villa, who had less money. I was demoted the first season and my salary was cut in half. I went from offering £100,000 a week to £25,000 a week in The Championship.”

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In 14 seasons as a professional footballer, Micah Richards played a total of 308 matches for the three clubs he represented, including the England national team. 245 in the service of Manchester City, 31 by Aston Villa, 19 By fiorentina and also 13 With the Three Lions team.