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The WTA tennis player also played at the Australian Open with a stomach injury

A lot has been written about the possibility of playing at the highest level with abdominal tears. Everything, of course, continues to hurt Novak Djokovic In the third round match of the past Open de Australia 2021. Today we know that the Serbian was not the only one to play in matches with such an injury. Carolina Muchova Agreed He played his semi-final with a torn stomach and said it was “bigger” than the Serbs. The Czech said he would not return to the slides until the end of March.

The discussions were relentless, the media noise was huge and many questioned Djokovic’s injury. As a forerunner, many men considered the possibility of playing a match with maximum intensity with a tear in the stomach completely impossible. Yes, it seems practically impossible … but tennis players sometimes achieve almost superhero status. The case of Carolina Muchoa is yet another type Rafael Nadal For his first test (during the 2009 US Open Mallorgan worsened his stomach tears, in which he fell in the semifinals against Juan Martin del Potro).

Muchova fell in the semifinals, where he had previously departed on canvas Carolina Bliskova He soon flew to his native Czech Republic for some tests. “I felt a stomach injury while in Australia. My gap was bigger than Djokovic; He had it on the right side of my stomach and I was on the left. After three days and a very long flight, I wanted to see what was going on here in the Czech Republic. Surprisingly, he has improved after that rest. ”

The injury affected her throughout the match, but that did not stop her from getting too close to coming to the final. His defeat in the semifinals came dramatically Jennifer Brady The game closed after more than ten minutes of a marathon. The line of wasted space balls touched Carolina very emotionally: “After the semifinals I felt so bad, I felt a lot of emotions, I still remember them. I still remember it, but it’s not crazy for me. I thought as I finished I could not have appeared to play in the final Due to breakage “.

Muchoa’s big goal is the Grand Slams

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No matter how severe the injury, apparently, it did not prevent Muchova from functioning at a high level or take constant physical effort. Not only did the Czech tennis player talk about injury, he was one of the most promising figures in the new female generation, clearly aware of her goals … Big dream.

“My biggest dream is to win a Grand Slam before I finish first. It’s going to be great, and if I want to continue to climb the rankings, I have to do better in the majors. They are connected. My next goal should be to be in the top-20.It depends on how I know about everything in the future.Maybe my game is to grass better, to do better Wimbledon, But I also play well on tough courts. I think I will get a chance at all the Grand Slams. “