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Theatrical release of "L'intetreinte", a film about reclaiming itself, tells Emmanuel Part

Theatrical release of “L’intetreinte”, a film about reclaiming itself, tells Emmanuel Part


In Adaptation, Director Ludovic Bergeri’s new film, Emmanuel Bart recently starred as the widow Marcox. But this is not a film about grief, says the actress, who was a guest on Europe 1 this Wednesday morning, the day cultural venues reopened. “It’s a film about re-acquiring itself,” explains Emmanuel Bart.

Of course, Marcox lost her husband a while ago, mourning “but she is no longer at this painful stage”. “It’s a kind of freedom, and at the same time, a terrifying loneliness,” says the relieved actress, whose film, which was set to release last February, has finally hit theaters.

The title of the film, “The Warmth,” evokes this need for Marcox’s character to communicate with others, “this need for another, for the body of another, for the love of another”, Emmanuel Bart. “Here, we’re talking about a character who actually experienced grief, in the form of rediscovering himself and his relationship with others,” the actress comments. A rediscovery must necessarily “go through the body”.

“A sleeping beauty who woke up, except she was 50”

Marcox is a woman who, after losing her husband, hatches again. It shows through his attitude, the clothes. Emmanuel Bart explains that it is “like a kind of rebirth” to return to the hunger for life. In one scene of the film, she goes to the drugstore to buy condoms. We ask her if she wants six or twelve boxes. She responds to twelve, almost with adolescent gluttony.

Not surprisingly, Emmanuel Bart reacts. “Ludovic Bergeri, director, often says that it’s like waking up a sleeping beauty. Except for that sleeping beauty, she’s 50 years old. It creates a kind of dissatisfaction.”

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Parallel to reality, Emmanuel Bart feels this need, especially in the current era and after losing contact with his audience and those close to him. “I, personally,’s not the kiss I missed, it’s warmth. It’s embracing people against me,” he explains.