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"There are a lot of Portuguese here to play..."

“There are a lot of Portuguese here to play…”

Once again Cinha Jardim commented on ‘Big brother’This sparked controversy on social media.

In the ‘in the family’ This Saturday, May 7, Robin Roy asked: Who would win if the final was tomorrow?.

Zé Lopes was the first to give his opinion and elected Bruna Gomez: “If she was the best player in this version? No, she is not. For me, she was the best player in her version, but because I have a special passion, I would like to be Bruna”.

Sinha Jardim differed: “No it’s not me. I’m really sorry but no. Bruna? No. There are a lot of Portuguese here to play.” – and immediately tried to correct himself: “Not only because of that, or because she is Brazilian far from me. I have already won a Brazilian championship once. No problem for me”.

“She shouldn’t be misunderstood there, Bruna is a more peaceful player, she’s a player who hasn’t said anything special to me (…) she just doesn’t deserve what she was in the past” – Explained.

Later, Robin Roy shoots: “Does Bruna need Bernardo?” – Jardim Sinha asserted: “Of course he is, I miss him very much. I think Bernardo gave Bruna a lot of the match. Although people always said that Bruna was the best, but Bernardo gave a lot of matches, if not, he would not have won the program”.

“Where were Bruna’s fans, who are the millions, right? And they let Bernardo win.” – He remembers.

On Twitter, netizens were quick to respond to the moment and criticize them: “This Cinha should take a bath from the idea”And “Cinha being xenophobic….not to mention….🙄🙄” or “Sinha is very pebble. What an ignorant woman! “ – are some comments.

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Watch the moment here.