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"There are no silly questions, there are silly situations..."

“There are no silly questions, there are silly situations…”

On Wednesday, July 21, Iara Dias guest-starred on “Manhã CM” while the regular section was held to comment on the latest news from the world of celebrity with commentators Gonçalo Quinaz, Léo Caeiro and Filomena Cardinali.

The conversation mostly focused on the young woman’s relationship with businessman Matthias Schmelz, known as the “king of vacuum cleaners,” as well as on recent disagreements with Agnes Arabella.

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At one point in the conversation, presenter Duarte Sioba asked Iara Dias: “You do not have other men while you have?The young woman answered immediately:This is a question…silly…sorry that if I got pregnant from another man…“.

The presenter’s reaction was rather cheerful: “It’s not silly and I’ll tell you why… I’m glad you’re calling me because you’re telling me it’s a silly question. You say you know he has other women and there’s an orgy but he wasn’t with you, if you give him that freedom, he can also give you that freedom“.

In turn, Philomena Cardinale tried to explain: “When she said “It’s a silly question,” she wasn’t silly, but rather because she thought you knew she got pregnant when she was with the other…“.

The conversation continued for a few more minutes, until Duarte Siopa left one last message:I’m going to tell you something I didn’t tell you at the end, there are no silly questions, there are silly situations. Anyway, I hope you are a wonderful woman …“.

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