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There is a conclusion about Wrzosek!  "He has no place"

There is a conclusion about Wrzosek! “He has no place”

Maciej Kawulski talked about Marcin Wrzosek and announced that he has no place in KSW. – It is up to him whether this situation is temporary or permanent – he says.


WP SportoweFakty / Marcin Cajdler / Photo: Marcin Wrzosek

The fight between Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek during the Fame MMA 12 provided a great deal of emotion. The latter was under a lot of pressure as the KSW co-owner announced that he would be removed from the organization if he failed.

Maciej Kawulski, as announced, did so, he announced on his official Instagram account. “Marcin, there is no denying that we have been adults for some time. The world of adults is not always a better world. It is not a world of punishment and reward, but a world of consequences. It is a world where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and decisions” – he returned to Wrzosek.

“Polish zombie” made similar decisions some time ago, and today he faces the consequences associated with it. There is no need to explain to adults that going to an outdoor game does not leave the decision in the hands of the umpires without changing the discipline (especially ballroom dancing if you are a fighter). Kaulski continued that in the adult world, words are given to people more than fame and money.

All this means that there will be no place for Marcin Wrzosek in KSW. “It only depends on him whether this condition is temporary or permanent. I just have to see,” said the co-owner of the organization.

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Kaulsky also addressed directly as “Don Kasjo”. “It was not you who removed him, it was Marcin himself, it is important that you understand and remember that” – he concluded.

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