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There is a feature that makes it consume more fuel – Executive Summary

There is a feature that makes it consume more fuel – Executive Summary

Fuel consumption is, without a doubt, one of the main concerns for drivers: they may have no other choice but to not have to use the car daily, or even make long trips, which means a monthly “gap” in the car. wallet. But if you are thinking about buying a car, and looking for options to spend less on gasoline or diesel, there is one point you should take into consideration when choosing your car.

There are several factors that contribute to depreciation: the weight of the car, the engine, the condition of the wheels, brakes, aerodynamics, etc. But there is an element, as the Spanish newspaper ABC pointed out, that is far from being imagined to have an impact… and to a large extent.

When you imagine a car – especially the features that catch your eye – size, brand or color might come to mind. It is precisely this last element that can make a difference in consumption: that is, the color of the car affects the amount of fuel it consumes.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, within the “Cool Cars” project, supported by the California Energy Commission, in the United States: “Paints that reflect sunlight reduce the temperature rise inside the car. “

According to experts, the light structure of the car, which helps reflect sunlight, will lead to a lower internal temperature of the car, thus reducing the need to use the air conditioner and thus consuming less energy, which is saved by fuel.

In the study, the experts conducted their tests using the same car model – one in silver and the other in black. The cars were left parked in the sun for one-hour periods with the air conditioning turned off and after about half an hour with maximum air-conditioning. Between five equal sections, the temperature of the roof, windshield, dashboard, doors and seats and the air inside the car were measured.

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The results were clear: the silver car's roof was 25 degrees cooler than the black roof, while the interior air differed by up to 6 degrees – and as a result, the silver car put in 13% less effort to cool the car than the black car. The study also reported that light-colored objects such as silver, white, grey, gold, beige and sky blue, for example, reflect up to 60% more sunlight than those painted black, navy blue, dark green, etc. In other words, much less fuel is needed for cooling when you're behind the wheel…