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There is a new platform focused on hiring workers with disabilities – Human Resources

There is a new platform focused on hiring workers with disabilities – Human Resources

Companies with more than 75 employees are now required to fill a quota for workers with disabilities and the new JustWork platform is emerging as a solution that covers support for candidates and employers throughout the entire recruitment process, in the municipalities of Cascais and Oeiras.

Hey JustWork Designed by a local network of inclusion partners, the Committee of Persons with Disabilities of Cascais, which brings together more than 30 entities working in the field of disability, its feasibility was made possible with support from the BPI Awards / Fundação La Caixa.

It all starts in a marketplace that allows real-time consultation of candidate profiles or vacancies, not only for jobs, but also for training opportunities or other work-related experiences. This area is based on an interface that allows users to have easy and intuitive consulting experiences that allow them to reach their goals quickly.

Capacity building, training, resource sharing and corporate consulting are other dimensions of the project that will currently be available to employers and candidates in the municipalities of Cascais and Oeiras. In the future, the goal is to expand this response to other areas of the country.

Ensuring a good experience for all users of the platform was one of the main goals of Web Comum, which was responsible for the entire digital component of the project.

Fernando Felix, CEO of Porto, which has projects spread across five continents, explains that today “in a world saturated with information, websites that are not well designed underperform and are difficult to retain audiences, as people who visit them tend not to come back.”

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According to the head of this company, which invests in humanizing technologies, JustWork demonstrates “how complex processes can be translated in a very simple way, with the help of advanced technology, which integrates artificial intelligence systems.” ».

These communications between people with disabilities and employers, which take place online, then move to a second stage of meetings in the real world, where a team of experienced consultants supports and guides each case, until the recruitment process is successful.