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Windows 10 Microsoft problemas atualização

There is actually a solution to the problems brought by the Windows 10 update

Windows 10 update has brought serious problems to Microsoft’s system. A simple patch Tuesday ended up revealing an abnormal instability for users, making the system nearly impossible to use.

These problems surfaced over time, as the first phase focused on losing performances in matches. This now appears to have been resolved with the arrival of a new patch. Microsoft has an update dedicated to the gaming issue.

Serious problem in Windows 10

With KB5001330, the final wave of problems arrived in Windows 10. The goal of this regular update was to address some bugs that have accumulated over time and restricted the use of Microsoft Windows.

Reports piled up and it turned out that this was a real problem and that Microsoft needed to solve it. Of course other problems appeared but on a different level and that had different behavior and impact on Windows 10.

The solution now comes from Microsoft

Microsoft has now identified the issue, revealing that it is real and that it affects a small number of Windows 10 users. In addition, to resolve the issue, it has now released a fix that focuses on removing all of the first known flaws.

To apply this fix, Microsoft will be using an already known feature. It's called the return of Known Issues (KIR) and it will arrive on Windows 10 in the next few days. This is the New Jobs And created by Microsoft to get rid of such problems that have now arisen

Windows 10 Microsoft Update Problems

Update was not peaceful

To see if this correction has been applied, just search for the entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control FeatureManagement Overrides 4 1837593227In the Windows 10 registry. If you are absent, you should arrive in the next few days.

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It remains to be expected that this automatic change will be implemented by Microsoft. Those who don't want to wait can always remove KB5001330 and thus solve the situation instantly. This appears to be the correct solution to a problem that has brought more problems every day.