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There is hardly a quick fix for those still in Afghanistan

There is hardly a quick fix for those still in Afghanistan

On Friday, the last Norwegian plane landed from Kabul in Afghanistan. Evacuation work is over. Not all Norwegian citizens fled.

Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered (centre) at a press conference earlier this month on the situation in Afghanistan.

The US and its allies were to use the time before August 31 to evacuate people from Kabul in Afghanistan.

On Thursday, two bombs exploded at the city’s airport. The attack killed at least 170 people. The Islamic State has taken the blame. Both the United States and Norway warned in advance of terrorism.

The attack effectively put an end to the evacuation.

Some thanked her

There are still Norwegian citizens in Afghanistan who want to leave the country. The State Department maintains a list of these. This is constantly changing. The State Department does not specify the number of people on it.

– It is now unrealistic to give hope of a quick fix to those who are not yet gone, says Foreign Minister In Eriksen Soered (H) to Aftenposten.

In total, Norway has evacuated about 1,100 people. Over 700 Afghans reside at the Oslovjord Convention Center in Sandfjord.

Some of those who were offered evacuation have also refused, according to the state of Surid.

has been retrieved

The State Department now provides an overview of the evacuees from Kabul:

  • Envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the embassy.
  • Norwegian citizens.
  • Persons with valid residence or connection to Norway.
  • Persons with special protection needs.
  • People who worked with the Norwegian forces.

Soreed stresses that work for those still in the country continues. But the State Department does not have an overview of other opportunities to leave, she said.

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– There is a dialogue between several parties with the aim of reopening the civilian part of the airport and opening the borders to neighboring countries. Sored says it could provide exit opportunities for those who want to leave Afghanistan.

She adds that they would have liked to have a chance to help more than those of the more than 1,100 evacuees.

More than 100,000 people have been evacuated

The Afghan Foreign Ministry said the situation in Afghanistan remains chaotic, volatile and dangerous.

A number of other countries have also completed this work. Including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark.

On the other hand, the United States refused to be stopped by the terrorists. On Saturday, US authorities said they had now begun to withdraw their forces from the airport.

Since August 14, the United States and its allies have evacuated more than 100,000 people.

The Afghan committee also has a list of people it believes should be evacuated. This includes activists, minorities, and atheists.

We want Norway back to Afghanistan

The Norwegian Armed Forces are responsible for operating a field hospital at the airport. There are fewer than 50 Norwegians left. They are within the airport area, where they consider security to be taken care of.

Terje Waterdale is the Country Director of the Afghanistan Committee. He believes Norway should return the diplomats to Afghanistan.

This should be done as soon as it is safe to do so. He adds that either by the establishment of an air bridge by the United Nations, or when commercial flights begin again and security is maintained at the airport.

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The Taliban promised change

Three weeks have passed since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan. This happened in a very short time when the United States and its allies withdrew from the country after 20 years of war. Since then, the United States and President Joe Biden have faced heavy criticism.

Many are excited about which Taliban is waiting for Afghanistan now. They themselves made a number of promises. They claim that the enemies forgive them. Women should be allowed to work and educate themselves. Opponents will not be punished. Journalists must be allowed to work in peace. But the condition is that it must take place “within the framework of Islamic law.” There are exciting reports of killing and kidnapping of people by the Taliban.

People fear the resumption of the former Taliban rule. Then they emphasized the literal interpretation of Sharia. Women were not allowed to work outside the home. Women suspected of infidelity were stoned. Entertainment is prohibited. The thieves’ hands were cut off. People were executed in public.