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There is indeed a crazy plan to reshape Mars using an artificial magnetic field

No one knows for sure what the intention to invest in Mars is. We know there is a curiosity about space exploration, but there will eventually be other goals for the red planet. Having Mars as a “second” Earth could be one such goal. For this, scientists have already thought about the strategy.

For life on Mars to flourish and for us to live on this planet, a magnetic field must be created. There is a “crazy” plan to develop this armor.

Mars is a planet that has plenty to be the second home of human life. It's not far from Earth, has a day about the same length as ours, has plenty of freezing water just below its surface, and will likely receive a reasonably breathable atmosphere over time.

However, these features are useless without a magnetic field. Unlike Earth, this planet does not have a planet that could be used to take care of life. However, there are ways to create one artificially.

Why is the magnetic field essential to human life?

The magnetic field is the shield that protects us from many deadly and destructive events. This bubble that surrounds the Earth protects the planet from the solar wind and ionizing particles. The Earth's magnetic field prevents most high-energy charged particles from reaching the surface. Therefore, the shield effect deflects these particles from the planet, keeping us safe.

The magnetic field also helps prevent the solar wind from destroying Earth's atmosphere over time. At first, Mars had a dense and water-rich atmosphere, but gradually it was depleted without the protection of a strong magnetic field.

Unfortunately, we cannot recreate the Earth's magnetic field on Mars. This is because our field is created by a dynamo effect in the Earth's core, where the convection of iron alloys generates the Earth's geomagnetic field.

Illustration of life on Mars with the creation of the magnetic field

But is it possible to create an artificial magnetic field on Mars?

Only in this way will it be possible. This is because the core of the Red Planet is smaller and cooler, and does not allow it to be "turned on" to create a magnetic dynamo. However, there are some techniques for creating an artificial magnetic field, as shown in A recent study.

according to studyThere are proposals to generate a Martian magnetic field based on the so-called Orbital solenoids or ground that creates a basic level of magnetic protection.

This idea was considered through fiction and we can see it in action in the TV series Extension This is where this topic is addressed and where the default solution best appears.

Use the moons of Mars to create a magnetic ring

According to the study, in order to create a good planetary magnetic field, there must be a strong flow of charged particles, both in and around the planet. Since the first option isn't a great solution for Mars, the team behind the study is looking into the second option.

Therefore, in order to create a ring of charged particles around Mars, the "developers" would have to include Phobos in the equation.

Phobos is the largest of the two moons of Mars and orbits the planet very closely. So close that it takes a trip around Mars every 8 hours. Therefore, the team proposes using Phobos to ionize particles from its surface and then accelerate them to create a plasma stem along Phobos' orbit.

This would create a magnetic field strong enough to protect Mars from reclamation.

Everyone knows it's a bold plan, and although it seems achievable, the engineering hurdles will be significant. But as the authors point out, this is the time for ideas.

If we need Mars as a second home, these problems will have to be resolved. Otherwise, Mars would be an entertainment planet.

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