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– There is little evidence that drinking tea helps – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

– There is little evidence that drinking tea helps – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

The background to the statement is the strong Israeli attack on Gaza. These attacks follow the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, in which more than 1,400 people were killed and more than 200 people were taken hostage.

On the Palestinian side, more than 8,000 people were killed, according to figures issued by Israel Palestinian health authorities run by Hamas.

Why do you want to expel the ambassador?

There are still no consequences, diplomatically or politically, for Israel, because it has killed more than 8,000 Palestinians, and is likely to kill many more. Moxnes answers that the goal is to put pressure on the country, and there must be consequences when they violate international law and commit countless killings of civilians.

There is massive destruction after the attacks on Gaza. This photo was taken on October 29.

Photography: Fadel Sina/Agence France-Presse

What will happen to Norway’s opportunities for dialogue with Israel if we expel the ambassador?

He answers, saying: “There is no indication that drinking tea and having a polite conversation with the Israeli ambassador will help change the policy of Netanyahu and his government.”

– Not relevant

The government rejects red cash.

Andreas Krawieck

State Minister Andreas Krawieck (AFP).

Photo: NRK

It is not appropriate to expel the Israeli ambassador to Norway. Diplomacy is more important than ever in the situation we are in now.

This is what State Minister Andreas Krawiec (AFP) wrote in an email to NRK.

Deputy Israeli Ambassador Yana Kotliar-Gal says that Rodt’s request is directed to the government. Therefore, the government must respond.

“But all of Israel’s actions are legal based on the rules of war,” Kotliar-Gal writes in an email to NRK.


After the demonstration in front of the Palestine Committee on October 18, many went to the Israeli embassy in Oslo.

Photo: Liz Aserud/NTB

The Deputy Ambassador writes that the problem is not in Israel, but in Hamas.

The terrorist organization has been holding the people of Gaza hostage for 16 years, sacrificing them daily as human shields.

Hamas has long denied the claim that it is using civilians as human shields.

If Reid truly cares about Palestinian civilians, they should demand the liberation of Gaza from Hamas, she said.

Which is the paradox

FRP leader Sylvie Listog believes Roodt is once again on the wrong side of history.

They have always been biased on this issue. The irony is that we do not hear that they want to expel ambassadors of dictatorships and undemocratic countries. But they must therefore expel the ambassador of the only democratic country in the Middle East.

Placing signs of support for Israel on Eidsvolls Square

On October 15, Sylvie Listog made a call during a “With Israel for Peace” demonstration in support of Israel outside parliament.

Photo: Frederik Ringnes/NTB

Can something positive be achieved by expelling Israel’s ambassador?

of course not.

When you look at the attacks on Gaza, does Rødt have a view that Norway should turn away?

Israel has the right to defend itself. It is therefore cruel to see so many innocent people affected.

She says it is a very difficult process

But it is clear that they must eliminate Hamas if they are to have any chance of feeling secure in the future.

– on the contrary

SV has previously called for Israel to be investigated for war crimes. But here they do not agree with red.

– I think it is not good to expel the ambassador. On the contrary, Norway must exploit every opportunity to put pressure on Israel. We must do everything we can to stop the bombing and killing of civilians. We will not achieve this by expelling the ambassador, says Ingrid Viska, a member of the Swedish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

NRK asked Høyre’s foreign policy spokeswoman, Ine Eriksen Søreide, to comment on Rødt’s actions. Eriksen Søreide refers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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