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"There is no age to write a biography..."

“There is no age to write a biography…”

As promised on ‘Two at 10’ this Friday, October 29, Cláudio Ramos took to Instagram to announce that he had been challenged about a year ago to write his autobiography.

I did not dream that the proposal would be difficult. Claudio, tell us your story! So, in the first few minutes with a paper in front of you, a challenge and the reasons for it. I took a deep breath and after a couple of seconds I said yes, and didn’t think much about the rest‘, by saying.

It’s been a year since this challenge and this week I’ve finished the first part of a story that is certainly the same or similar to many who will read it someday, very different from most and certainly in many ways the opposite of what they think“, to share.

It’s not over yet, but putting a lot of stuff on paper saved me a lot of euros in therapy and robbed me of a lot of sleep. With this challenge I only aim to survive. Staying in the lives of my daughters, my nieces, my grandchildren if I have them, and the friends who really want me. From those who willingly follow me. One day they will understand many things and meet on paper people, emotions, and situations that made me arrive where I always expected… despite not knowing the place nor the end of the story.‘, continuous.

There is no age to write an autobiography. I am as far as the book goes and I will be much more (I hope) blank pages… I am physically tired of writing, but emotionally happy to realize that writing is the most enthusiastic way to take us. Take it wherever you go. To the places where we were happy, and to reverse the popular saying that we shouldn’t do this and visit the places where we were most unhappy, in the form of catharsis.“, he is writing.

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I don’t know when I will put it in my hands. I just wanted to share with you the joy of reaching the end of some kind of first workThe presenter concludes.