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"There is no love for a child's things..."

“There is no love for a child’s things…”

Tatiana Boa Nova took to social media on the afternoon of Sunday, March 20, to express her sadness and indignation after realizing that she had been robbed in her car that was parked outside her home.

The former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos” admitted she was very disappointed with the reality she faced when she was preparing to pick up her son: “This is sad… for these people there is no honesty, no love for a kid’s stuff that was inside the car, and they don’t care if the owners are hard working, good people… they just want to steal!”begins to write.

“I pity the people who did this to us at night, on our doorstep… I feel pity that they don’t have any feelings, that they don’t deserve to earn honest money and that they rob honest people to try to make some money with a steering wheel… Who has that guts for what? ?Money, values!”it can still be read.

“Anyway. That was it! Yesterday I went out to have fun, today I get up to take my son and see I can’t take him in his car because someone took the wheel and our car crashed… But it’s not all bad. I’m healthy. My husband and my son too! Tomorrow is a day! New! 🖤🥺😞”, Finished Tatiana Boa Nova.

At least they left my sunglasses.He shot Robin Boa Nova. The comment box was filled with powerful words: “Sadness..people are lifeless 😢 Go love! “And the “What people don’t know…An angel of power 🙏” or “That’s what Tati thinks! Strength for these not-so-good days 😍‘ are just a few examples.

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