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'There is no Taremis here...': Eleven retracts after commenting on the Badel-FC Porto match

‘There is no Taremis here…’: Eleven retracts after commenting on the Badel-FC Porto match

Francisco J. Marquez accused the channel of “ridiculing FC Porto” after the commenter’s phrase

Eleven Sports deplored an expression used by a commentator during the padel match, praising the fair play between the practitioners, and said “there are no Taremis here…”. Francisco J. Marquez, FC Porto’s director of communications, declined to comment. “Another one for the group. Once again, Eleven is making fun of FC Porto and our player Taremi. These gentlemen are sick. And yes, that’s what centralization means, Lisbon commentators are talking to the whole country according to the navel primer, no respect. Marquez on Twitter “FC Porto and Porto fans Any decent spectator demands respect. Eleven can’t continue to agree with that kind of thing. There is no coincidence.” Shortly after, the sports channel left a message regretting the “unfortunate comment.” The television wrote: “We deeply regret the unfortunate comment made during the World Tour semi-finals in Madrid this afternoon. ELEVEN does not accept this type of behavior and measures have been taken so that it does not happen again.” Channel on Twitter An apology addressed to Francisco J. Marquez: “Eleven was keen to call him to say he would strengthen control measures for this type of situation . I hope it won’t happen again.”

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