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There is still uncertainty: the military removes Kate Middleton's name from the official event

There is still uncertainty: the military removes Kate Middleton's name from the official event

Kensington Palace has not confirmed that the Princess of Wales will attend an event in June

The Army on Tuesday withdrew Kate Middleton's name from a statement that reported the Princess of Wales' participation in an event in June, according to what the British press reported.

according to guardianBut the problem lies in the fact that the information has not been approved by Kensington Palace.

The Army statement announced that the Princess of Wales will participate in Trooping the Colour, a military parade held on the occasion of the official birthday of King Charles III, scheduled for June 8, and was responsible for reviewing the troops. This part of the statement has since been removed from the ministry's official website.

according to BBCThe Army published these details based on Kate Middleton's role as a colonel in the Irish Guards, without confirming this involvement with Kensington Palace.

If Kate Middleton is confirmed to attend the event, it will be her first official act since undergoing abdominal surgery in January this year.

On the day the Princess of Wales was discharged from the hospital, Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton, 42, would continue to recover at home and would not return to her public engagements before Easter. Since then, Kensington Palace has not released any photos or videos of Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton's absence from public life has been the subject of several theories, with some netizens suggesting that the Princess of Wales has undergone plastic surgery or that the Princes of Wales have separated.

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After months of speculation, TMZ published a photo of the Princess of Wales on Monday — the first since Christmas last year, when Kate Middleton was photographed with the rest of the British royal family while walking. However, many netizens doubt that this photo is of the Princess of Wales, as she appears next to her mother, questioning its authenticity.

The army statement also indicated that King Charles III would attend the parade of troops at the parade scheduled for June 15. According to the BBC, his presence at Buckingham Palace has also not been confirmed.

Carlos III suspended his public commitments after being diagnosed with cancer, although he continues to work from home.

According to the BBC, Buckingham Palace is expected to confirm Charles III's attendance at Trooping the Color “as soon as” the date of the event. Both palaces say they are unable to confirm the presence of the King and Princess of Wales in any case, due to Kate Middleton's recovery and Charles III's treatment.