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“There was no aggression on the part of Sergio Conceicao,” says a witness to the match in Huelva

“There was no aggression on the part of Sergio Conceicao,” says a witness to the match in Huelva

“I watched the match from the stands, next to Liliana, Sergio Conceicao's wife. He was on the ground below, next to the field. After the referee announced the end of the match, we were with the boys. Then Sergio entered the field. “He spoke to the referee, with his son Moises next to him, in a calm manner Extremely. “They entered into a conversation calmly,” he begins, saying the father of one of the children in the Porto U-9 team, a teammate of José Conceição, the youngest son of the Porto coach.

“Then a man from the organization appeared and pushed Moises. I assume it was the head of the chamber who later made these statements on the radio. The only thing Moises did was remove the arm of the person who was pushing him. Then the police appeared from inside the tunnel and took us inside,” adds a witness. The incident, which he preferred to remain anonymous.

“What happened inside is that Sergio Conceicao was identified by law enforcement officers. Moises was pushed several times. It is a lie that there was any assault. There were no confrontations. The police put Moises against the wall and told him to attack.” “After that, Sergio filed a criminal complaint against the man who pushed Moises. After that, he calmly left the field with me. If he had attacked or hit someone, would he have left the field calmly?”, he wondered, surprised by the statements. Made by Manuel Barroso, Mayor of Cartaya, who sparked all the controversy.

Let us remember that Barroso accuses Conceição of aggression, and even threatens to kill him. The lawyer for the Porto coach confirms the criminal complaint filed by the coach, while he is still on the field, and also says that the Andalusian “mayor” will be the target of a defamation complaint, due to his statements to Radio Antena Huelva.

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