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“There was no creation or manufacture of any email,” Francisco J. Marquez’s lawyer asserts – FC Porto

“There was no creation or manufacture of any email,” Francisco J. Marquez’s lawyer asserts – FC Porto

Nuno Brandao, the attorney who defended Francisco J. The appeal is the Court of Appeal in Lisbon and then there may still be an appeal to the Constitutional Court.” “Thirteen crimes have been charged, three have been convicted, we will appeal these crimes and all the others who have been acquitted and there may also be an appeal. If, in our opinion, the decision taken is not in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights, we may file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights. It’s an open hypothesis,” said Nuno Brandao, who explained why her clients were convicted. “The court concluded, as other courts have already concluded, both in the trial court and in the Supreme Court, that Francisco J. Marquez’s emails on Porto channel are true. That is, there was no creation or manufacture of any e-mail and everything that was revealed is consistent with the electronic correspondence that already exists. Why, though, was there a condemnation? It is also important to say that the Court, with the exception of one case that we can talk about, understood that the large dozens of emails disclosed by Francisco J. Marquis, all but one, or a conversation that included several items, in an authoritative, faithful manner. He explained what is in them or summarized part of these emails in a way that does not change their meaning, as the emails were reproduced in most cases with reliability and seriousness.

Nuno Brandao also added that this conviction does not affect any suspicions of corruption on the part of Benfica. “These emails revealed practices some of which could be due to corrupt practices and influence peddling, but the truth is that the court did not rule on that. The court understood that the issue of public interest, i.e. disclosure of corruption suspects, was not relevant for this purpose. So. In this case, apparently, Benfica was not accused or suspected of anything, and the process did not serve to investigate Benfica’s corrupt practices. Therefore, there was no judgment on corruption practiced by people or not related to Benfica. This is a matter being investigated in Other processes are in progress and that was on the sidelines of this process. This decision has nothing to do with the suspicions of corruption that exist around Benfica”, according to the lawyer’s opinion.

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