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There were 1,868 cases of SARS reported in the first half of the year

There were 1,868 cases of SARS reported in the first half of the year

In Amazonas, from January 1 to June 8, 1,868 cases of SARS were recorded, of which 378 cases occurred from May 19 to June 8. Of the 1,868 cases of SARS, 823 were caused by respiratory viruses, 161 of which occurred in the past three weeks. In 2024, as of June 8, 17 deaths due to respiratory viruses have been recorded.

Data taken from the epidemiological report on respiratory viruses in the state, issued by the Amazonas Health Monitoring Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FFS-RCP).

In the same period, from May 19 to June 8, the main comorbidities of SARS patients due to respiratory viruses were heart disease (32.7%), diabetes (14.3%), lung disease (12.2%), and hypertension (12.2%). And asthma. (10.2%), immunosuppression (8.2%), neurological diseases (8.2%). The most affected age group are children under one year of age (54.7%) and from one to four years of age (18.6%), followed by people aged 60 years or older (13%).

To prevent SARS, non-pharmacological measures are recommended, such as the use of respiratory protection masks, maintaining hand hygiene, respiratory etiquette, and vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza.

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