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There were ten of them on the M6: we were on the set of the series with Samuel Le Behan and Manon Asem - News Series on TV

There were ten of them on the M6: we were on the set of the series with Samuel Le Behan and Manon Asem – News Series on TV

The M6 ​​unveils “They Were 10” this evening, and its new event series is adapted from Agatha Christie’s best-seller “Dix Petitz Necklace”. Allocine went to the set in Guadeloupe. Meeting with director Pascal Lazier and part of the cast.

Already available on Salto for a few months, the Mini Series Ten of them will be coming to the M6 ​​this Tuesday, August 17th at 9:05 pm.

This contemporary adaptation of the six chapters of the cult novel The Queen of Crime Ten small Negroes – Renamed in 2020 There are ten of them In France – ten people unknown to each other, five women and five men, begin when they land on a deserted tropical island, in which they are all invited.

However, this dream holiday will soon become a nightmare. Ten guests are cut off from the world after realizing they are alone on the island. Why did they fall into this trap? The answer is hidden in their past where they were all carefully buried. But today, under the scorching sun of the island, they have to pay. In the end, no one will be left.

In Guadeloupe in the Thessalonica region, and especially in the Hotel Dinosaurs, where a stone is thrown from the shores of the Grande Annes, all the scenes that take place on the scary island of Ten are all set in a box. The beginning of 2019 or two years ago.

AlloCiné had the opportunity to discuss with actors Samuel Le Behan, Roman Boringer, Manon Azeem and Naseem Lies, starring in four of the ten heroes, and the highlights of this modern adaptation revisit Agatha Christie’s novel. In Slasher Sauce, with Co Landa’s touch to the “Survival” page (“We do the Go Landa Christie series”, Nassim Lies laughs) and Lost for several flashbacks filmed in southern France after the Guadeloupe episode was over.

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Everyone agrees that director Pascal Lazier, who told us about the motivations for embarking on such a television adventure, was able to bring the expert’s concern to the story. As for the book, it’s a plot to gain independence, especially in terms of character traits, so it seems to keep viewers in suspense until the end of airing on M6 on August 31st.